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DOT 2.0

A tool to create high-volume, light weight and truly unique character and object collections.
Why was this product made?
DOT (short for Dynamic Object Transformer) Game Ready Asset Generator was designed to enable developers to create high-volume unique interoperable game assets. Unlike many character creators DOT’s creation capabilities are broad; create and design human characters, fantasy creatures, cars, animals, and a multitude of other items. DOT allows each Asset to be generated with totally unique DNA properties from a simple base asset.
What sets DOT apart is that it is designed for lightweight interoperability across popular devices and game engines, supporting realtime features like wearables without heavy asset file management.
DOT is AI native, meaning it connects to our 3D generative models to allow anyone to start creating high quality interoperable game assets.

Who is this product made for?

DOT is designed for brands, developers and agencies that want to create premium quality character avatars and other digital items.
The tool is particularly well suited for gaming, sports, and entertainment brands who want to release large numbers of digital collectibles or in-game assets.

What challenges does this product resolve?

Many character creator tools have simple templates which swap predefined features to produce largely similar outputs. DOT enables millions of visually unique avatars and objects from a set of base models. DOT actively morphs these models so each output is a true one of one.
Interoperability for digital collectibles is difficult. Common asset standards are heavy for developers to implement at scale inside applications and games. DOT makes it simple to create a large variety of assets that can be rendered realtime in popular game engines through lightweight packages.

What makes this product unique?

DOT is designed for easy production of high volume digital asset collections as well as lightweight in-game integration.
DOT recognizes that creating collections of unique assets at scale is very different to enabling customers to customize a single avatar. DOT is built to excel at large-scale, randomized generation.
It is typically implemented with a “box-opening” reveal mechanic to gamify the purchase experience, and increase aftermarket trading amongst customers.

How do you use DOT?

These tools aren't ready yet, but developers will be able to use the DOT APIs and SDKs.
Designers and 3D artists create content packs for DOT using the DOT Build & Blend Specifications, which describe how to model base assets for the generation pipeline.
DOT is a powerful asset creation pipeline, and Futureverse can actively work with you to help craft the best AAA-quality assets using our tools.
If you're interested in getting updates about DOT 2.0 and other Platform Tools, please email [email protected].