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Enabling a simple and safe journey across the open metaverse.
Why was this product made?
FuturePass was created to simplify onboarding and data portability between different apps, games, and experiences. Think of FuturePass as a digital passport that enables your customer to seamlessly control and manage their identity, data, collectibles, value, permissions, and status across a breadth of experiences. FuturePass ensures a simple and safe journey across the open metaverse.

Who is this product made for?

FuturePass is designed for developers building apps, games, and digital experiences. Individual users can also create a FuturePass.

What challenges does this product resolve?

FuturePass removes friction by facilitating a simple and safe onboarding experience for users of your application. Once a user has a FuturePass, they can connect different accounts, manage permissions, and enable applications to access specific data.

What makes this product unique?

FuturePass is flexible; we offer both custodial and non-custodial solutions. FuturePass provides a single sign-on experience that enables new users to onboard simply, safely, and password-free.
FuturePass acts as a layer of connective tissue by enabling users to connect accounts across different applications and delegate permissions from one place. FuturePass makes it easy for users to manage their collectibles and easy for developers to interact with them by using our SDK.

How do you use FuturePass?

These tools aren't ready yet, but developers can leverage the FuturePass SDK to integrate FuturePass into their respective app, game, or experience. If you're interested in getting updates about FuturePass and other Platform Tools, please email [email protected].